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Femi Doyle-Marshall Corporate Fitness Programs, Online Fitness ProgramsHi, my name is Femi and I’m the founder of New Persona. I want to first thank you for taking the time to visit my page. If you are looking for a team to work with to achieve your health and fitness goals you’ve found them. Now, if you are  looking for a digital home to get stronger, leaner and healthier you definitely found the right spot.

I started with a goal to link fitness and health programs beyond the gym. After getting injured in football I began to focus on strength training. Working with some of my friends, teachers, local corporate businesses and schools to help them achieve their fitness goals. With time, academic study at York University in Kinesiology and layers of experience, things have evolved from being just about fitness.


My Vision of Health

To me health encompasses everything. We need to be well rounded mentally and physically. We need to build strong relationships that support our vision and continue our progress towards it. We need access to quality resources to produce results.

Having that in mind this website was formed. Mainly to provide a platform for people like you to get stronger. Use it to supplement the lifestyle you are living to help you push your own physical and mental boundaries.

When it comes to strength, ultimately I believe when you are strong so become those around you. Providing resources that can help individuals in areas of nutrition, movement, mindset and motivation we can aid in the path towards that goal. From corporate fitness programs, online fitness programs to personal training. Everything makes a difference.  I look forward to your success.


Official New Persona Resources


First is our BLOG. I’ve carefully selected specific topics and posts that can aid in your health and fitness goals. Corporate clients can use this information for fitness programs. Home pr gym members pull resources from here to add to workouts.

Topics range from nutrition, motivation and mindset. Research is also conducted on health facts in the news. This is a must read section for personal training clients or online fitness program members. Everything found is actionable. You can use it right away.



The ASSESSMENT. Sometimes all you need to know is where to go for your training and nutrition goals. Being able to sit and chat with me or a member of my team gives you a good framework to start. We are bound to find something that can simplify your work or produce greater results for you.

Online fitness programs, corporate consulting and fitness along with personal training are all available. The first step of anything is to start.


We can chat to figure out what your needs are and where you want to go.



Our Top 5 Articles To Read

This is the best place to start if you are looking at getting stronger or healthier. The information linked all connect to health or improving the environment you are training in. Browse and click below to see the Top 3 Articles To Read on New Persona.


GOLD GIVEAWAY: Guide on Fitness, Strength & Movement

Before you get going I would love to give you a free PDF digital copy of one my best fitness guides.  I’ve had the pleasure of publishing it and promoting it online over the past few months and felt since you made it here you could use the information. It has workout templates, fitness tips and everything you need to take your fitness and health to another level. Many of the principles in the pages are used by our online fitness program members and corporate fitness program clients.


Get your free copy of the 3 Ways To Maximize Your Workouts.



To Your Success!

With anything in life you first need to start. To change, to grow to evolve. Remember this key thing before you embark on your journey. Where you are now does not imply where you will be 10 minutes, 10 hours or 10 days from now.

Create the vision. Think of health. Then work towards your New Persona.

In good health,






Femi Doyle-Marshall


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